Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite

Ref  1-89-02-03-02-01  (Stainless steel)

-  Precision without borders  -

First introduced in 2015 in red gold and white gold versions, the cosmopolitan masterpiece from Glashütte Original is available in elegant stainless steel as well since 2018. 



This watch has a lot of features: showing 2 timezones at one glance, Panorama Date, small second and power reserve. There is a day and night indicator for both local and home time.

This manufactory calibre allows you to set the second time zone very easy, and even the daylight saving time when you travel.

Each of the 35 time zones is displayed using an official IATA location code representing an international airport in the relevant time zone. 

The stainless steel version has Arabic numerals with a blued stick marker instead of Romans.

 The selection of 35 time zones incl. ½ h and ¾ h differences and daylight saving/standard time.  

The blued hands are really a great touch to the white dial that makes the watch very readable.

The Arabic numerals really work great but the 11 should have been a little to the left.

Here you can see the disc for the IATA codes for all the time zones.

Setting the displays could not be simpler: the home time can be set using a crown at 2 o'clock, and the current time zone is selected using the crown at 8 o'clock. When traveling east (forward in time),

one turns the crown at 4 o'clock clockwise until the IATA code for the destination time zone appears in the corresponding DST or STD window. When traveling west (back in time) one turns the crown

counter-clockwise. In both cases the central hour and minute hands shift forwards or back in 15-minute steps, so that the IATA code for the destination time zone can be seen in the DST or STD window. 

Here you can see what complications his watch have and how to set it.

Here is a overview of the functions.

The upper right crown is to wind the movement.

When you pull out the crown you can set the home time.

If you pull out the lower right crown you can adjust the destination time in 15 minutes intervals.

The lower left crown will set the home time zone and the windows will show standard time and daylight saving time.

Setting the date with the setting tool at the pusher.

If you pull out the lower right crown you can adjust the destination time back or forward very easy when you travel to another time zone.

IMHO so is this watch very easy to set when you have understand how it works.


If we turn it around will we find the automatic calibre 89-02 from the manufactory Glashütte Original.


The skeletonized rotor with 21 ct gold oscillation weight.

The duplex swan-neck fine adjustment.

The movement has 63 jewels, 72 h ± 10 % power reserve, 28800 bph.

The case is 44 mm (diameter) and 14 mm (height).

The new Senator Cosmopolite is the watch for modern globetrotters Many travelers don't think twice about moving from one time zone to another, whether traveling for business or leisure.

The Senator Cosmopolite is designed to meet the complex demands of today's globetrotters.


It's interesting to play with the light and get some different blue colors.

I just say: Those hands and the structure of the matte white paint. Awesome.

It comes with a blue Louisiana Alligator leather strap and a buckle or fold fastener.

A few more movement pics.

So this is loaded with functions and the stainless steel version makes it really affordable.

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