The reference 16622 YachtMaster is made in SS and Platinum is just a little different

and a unique Rolex watch.


It looks a little different than a diver watch and itīs a little big to call dress watch. In my

opinion you can use it to both.


 It have the TripLock crown who is good enough down to 1220 meters but because the

YachtMaster is not a diver watch itīs only rated to 100 meters. The TripLock crown

 get a nicer balance and itīs easier to handle than the TvinLock crown when the watch

have crown guards.


The crown guards have a more rounded shape than the Submariner.


 YachtMaster was the first Rolex with the big indexīs, later called MaxiDial at the Submariner

with green bezel insert. The dial is made of Platinum and the YachtMaster is written in red.

YachtMaster even have a little bigger hands than the other Rolexīs except the Submariner

with MaxiDial. The red second hand just stand out in a nice way.


The bezel and the insert is made in Platinum with raised mirror polished numbers.

YachtMaster have SEL (solid end links) and the center links are mirror polished.


The center links are solid and not hollow like they use to be, so that means the bracelet

now are just so good as a Invicta bracelet. LOL


The clasp is a little different too, the raised crown is at the secure lock and not at the clasp like it use to be.


The YachtMaster even have a unique case with a more curved lugs than the other Rolex case.

In my opinion this looks really nice and give the case a better balance.


The backside of the lugs looks different too, notice the end of the lug.


The SuperLuminova do a great work as it use to do.


Inside the watch it looks just like it use to do, cal 3135 not looks like a Patek but it will serve you for many years.


This watch is awesome in my opinion and it looks better in the real world because itīs hard to get it justice with a camera.


Now itīs time to put a Daytona clasp to my Yacht-Master.

Here is the parts.


And the extra micro adjustment link.


Mmmm nice.


Ok we open it up and take a look.


The solid part who donīt looks like a regular clasp.


And the extra springbar who secure the extra lock.



Ok I have to pull off the orginal clasp at the Yacht-Master so we can compare then

side by side.






Then I have to put it on and I have to pull off a link at the bracelet and put it at the

other side to get the clasp in the center of the bracelet. From the start the removable

links at the bracelet only is at one side. Here is the result.



The secure lock feels real smooth and it looks real nice and clean when itīs closed.


Check out a deeper dive in the watch, just click at the link below.