The icon have left the box but the rest of the goodies is there.

Those you knows about Panerai can easy figure it out which model this special box is for when there is a spare crystal at the side.

Yes finally I've got the iconic Panerai 372.

The original model (like this one) have a acrylic crystal that later was replaced with a sapphire crystal.

This watch is huge with a 47mm case and a 26mm strap but with this case style it not feel bigger than the "regular" 44mm.

The matte sandwich dial with cremé index's and golden hands really looks good IMHO.

Only a acrylic crystal can give this warm feeling and with the doomed surface it distract the numbers in a nice way.

The caliber P3000 hides behind a sapphire backcase and have a power reserve for 3 days with the double barrels mainsprings.

A great complication at this movement is when you pull out the crown to the first position so can you set the hour hand one hour at a time which is great when you arrive to another timezone.

At the second position you set the time with the minute hand in the "normal"way.

The lume is like it use to be on Panerai.

Nice and clear.

It's huge. :-)

The only I can complain about is it have been cool if the text was luminous too.

It's hard to understand why I have been waiting so long to score one of those.