Rolex GMT Master Ref 1675

So we start with this one.

Now I have made myself a opener that can take the Bergeon tool.

A nice plastic caseholder are in place too.

And there is the inside.

Nothing fancy.

So I start to pull out the winding crown.

Then I go for the movement. It looks like the last watchmaker slipped with the screwdriver. :-)))

Now it's in the movement holder.

Then I pull off the rotor.

And turn it around.

Next step in the hands.

And the dial.

And the datewheel.

Now I stop for the moment.

Up with the case in the bezel remover.

There goes that one.

The crystal was glued, not a good idea. So next step is to pull off the crown tube.

And a bath.

Then I remove the rest of the glue and brush the surface.

I believe that will be okey now.

A new crown tube.

The o-ring in place too.

And a fresh crystal.

Now we went back to the movement when the case a drying. A new bright white datewheel with open 6 and 9.

And here is the dial I will use.

And of course a fresh set of hands with the orange hand.

So now it's time to put the hands in place.

The orange fits like a glove.

And the rest.

Then we go back to the case and put a bezel on.

This will be good.

Damn, now we talking.

Now I have to get rid of the last gold part.

Then I put together the last parts and here is the result.