Goyard wallet real VS fake


Today if you looking for a Goyard wallet outside a Goyard store I will say there is more fakes than real ones for sale.

I learn the hard way, I buy one from Ebay and it was of course a fake.

The fake one is to start with in wrong size 110x95mm and it should be 110x87mm.

The Goyard letters are no so sharp at the fake one.

Here we can see the fake one have the leather folded over the edge before it was sewn

Not so clean work at the fake one.

The pockets for the card have got a reinforcing edge.

The real one have only a clean opening in the leather.

Inside the card pocket it have a yellow linen fabric.

The easiest way to see if it's a fake on it the interior fabric at the bill compartment, the fake ones have a linen fabric.

The real one have leather on one side.

The fake have not.

And the other side have a unique pattern of the interior. It have a serial number stamped too.

The fake logo stamp is raised and have wrong font.

The real one is stamped.

I hope this can help someone that looking for a great wallet outside a Goyard store.