Rolex Explorer Ref 114270



I got this watch in 2001 a few months after Rolex have shows it in Basel

I was one of the first guy who got one here in Sweden with the new (current)

Explorer ref 114270 and I have order it a couple of months before I got it. I

have look forward to recieve the new one with SEL and the new movement

cal 3130. It have the same size (36 mm) as the classic DateJust but it feels a

little smaller, I suppose itīs the black dial as fool the eye. Itīs a classic Rolex

a simple model that just only shows the time.



Nothing fancy, a tvinlock crown that make sure you can get down 100 meters.



So a little water canīt hurt.



The dial have some great details and itīs very easy to read and it only comes in

one model. SS, black dial, smooth bezel and Oyster bracelet.



The SuperLuminova do what it should but not at 3, 6 & 9, itīs okey with

me but I know guys that never buy it because of that.



So what about the bracelet? This one feels very tight and with the SEL (solid

end links) so will there be no rattle. The only Rolex need to do is to put on solid

middlelinks as they have on some models o get the final touch.



The OysterLock clasp with the safety lock works great, itīs just a stamped pice

of steel but it will serve for decades without troubles.



So what about the new Caliber 3130?  It have 31 jewels, hacking second and

28800 bph have got some upgrade like a balance bridge and a Breguet hairspring.



And it runs very smooth and in my opinion the no date movements feels more acurate

and durable than the date movement. But that is just my opinions and I donīt believe it

is so, but it feels so.



The Microstella adjustment at the balance wheel.



A closer look to it and it needs a special tool to adjust it.



The Explorer is one of the most simple watch Rolex made and itīs a little overpriced if

you comapre it to a Air King. But itīs a classic Rolex and you can wear it as a sport watch

or a dress watch. So I believe there is a place for it in every Rolex collectors  collection.

Then itīs a certified chronometer if that is a reason for you to buy one.


So here is a few more pics of it.