Rolex DayDate Ref 18039


I start with this one.

Open it up

Cal 3055

Pull out the movement

Next step is to pull off the bezel.

And the crystal

Press out the crystal

There is a few crack

Then put the parts in the ultrasonic cleaner

So I will go a little deeper for the first time in the movement.

What can be better that a cal 3055 to practice with?

The rotor is now off

Then we flip it

There is the dial and hand off too

And the german daywheel s history too

Some fresh bright white wheels with english days

There it's in place

And a nice dial too

The glacier/polar blue one with romans unique for the Platinum DayDate.

And some hands

A new crystal too

There we go

Time to put it together.

The final result

I just love it

Then I add a swedish daywheel.