How to remove a bracelet.


You need a watch, a tool and a tape. I go with the great watchmaker knife from Bergeon/Wenger.



So I pull out the tool that I need.



It looks like this.



Then I put it in place and push at the springbar into the endlink.




Then I pull out the endlink carefully and push at the springbar at the other side until the endlink pop out.




 Then I put it back again at the same way as I took it off. First one side and then the other and when the

springbar is inside the case at both sides I push down the endlink. Then I have to listen to a l

ittle click when the springbar pop out in the casehole.




After that I will check very carefully so the springbar is out correct in place

at the case so Iīm sure I didnīt lost my watch.




I hope it helps and good luck. Jocke


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