DateJust 1601 Beater

This watch need some kind of care. After a hard life I will do

some work with it.

Maybe a new crystal?

And some cleaning.


So I have to open it up.

The movement looks nice, maybe a little dirt at the rotor.

So the dial is blue?

I suppose a little cleaning will be ok.

Oupps, here I have to order a new set springbars. The spring is visible.

I need to order a tube too.

Ok, we go further.

Damn, itīs dirty.

After the first spa.

It looks better the second time.

All the parts nice and clean.

So a new crystal  will do it.

The final work after a minor polishing and brushing so will it looks like this.

Now I can use it for a year again.

It glow int the dark too.