Today I was close to lost my beater because the bracelet fell in two parts.

When I look at the watch I suppose

it's time fore some cleaning of my beter. LOL

So I start to pull off the bracelet

I guess a cleaning will be in place.

So I have to open it up.

The movement is pretty clean and runs like a charm.

So lets get into it.

I start with the crown.

Then I go for the movement

Turn it around in the case

And there we go. Nice and crisp dial.

The bezel

Some dirt under it too

Into the bath

Set it on 9 minutes

Can't see the parts after 3 minutes

Now we talking

The case is still doing fine

From the start it was a fluted WG bezel, now it's close the a smooth YG.

Now I have to take care of the clasp

I start to get it back where it should be

Not bad

Then I will put on a new crystal

Damn I haven't plan for this and I have run out of DJ crystals at the moment. So I have to take one of the used ones I still have.

And some polish

And there we go.

Now it can serve me for some time again

A few days later there was some parts arriving from Geneva.

So I have to do some more work with the watch.

The pin have some traces of use.

A little adjustment.

There we go.