We start at 04:00 and it was 6,5 degree celsius.


The GPS told us we have 1768 kilometer to Basel.


So down to the south of Sweden and entry the bridge to Denmark.


Tony check everything is ok and give the Ingenieur some fresh air.


Here we we go.


Straight against Denmark to the ferry.


Here will it been full very soon.

Here we come Germany.


Tony checking taxfree.


 How could he pass on this ones? :-) :-)


He ask for this ones.


A great view.

We go further against Germany.


Time to get some diesel, now we have done 677 kilometers.


Not bad, 56,68 liter.


Next stop in Germany, wonder wich one is the garbage truck? :-) :-)


He canīt stand still 2 seconds. :-) :-)

 Ouups, not good when it happends at Autobahn.


Germany is a great country.



Now we are here.


It looks to be sold out this year too.






I go for the favorites so soon Iīm inside. :-) :-)





Bling, bling.

This one looks familliar. :-) :-)


More bling, bling.

 A Breitling Tourbillion.

Breitlingīs aquarium.


We find another friend too.


There are no limits how a display will looks.

A few Seikoīs.



Kiu Tai YU, the first asian Tourbillion creator with a Swiss patent.


Tony checkout  a Erotic Watch. :-) :-)

He want keep them. :-) :-)

More Patekīs.



 A few Tudorīs.



Tony check his next winder at Orbita.


A few Omegaīs.







Omega buy this from a JFK collector for $350000.


Maybe they have to send it in for a redial. :-) :-)


I stop by at Versace, they donīt know a shit about watches.:-) :-)


Another nice Patek.


Outside the main entrance.


Porsche Designīs show room and this one I give more atttention than their watches.





Then we going down to the next hall and I do a test on my 35 year old Submariner.


They donīt want to test is at 10 bar but I force them to do it.


They donīt like it because they think the machine will destroy the watch.


But there was no problems with the watch.


Then I have to check the accuracy.


Ok I guess, -1 sec per day. Not bad fpr a old watch.


Then when we go home Tony fell in sleep and I have to put a Red Bull on his Tyson neck to get him quiet. :-) :-)


More pics of watches will come later. I hope you like the trip.