Then it is time for the yearly cleaning.

I guess it's time.

There is a lot of space to collect dust.

Damn, I can't read the seriealnumber.

Ok a fast rinse and we open it up.

The movement looks ok.

So I pull out the crown.

And the movement.

Next step is the bezel.

And there was some dirt too.

The serious cleaning can start.


I go for 8 minutes.

Where is my watch?

One springbar didn't survive the cleaning, I have new ones in stock.

Now it's nicer.

Even the reference is readable.

Nice and clean.

Back with the movement and the crown.

Now the bezel press will do the work.

Perfect fit and not much WG longer.

Then I check so it not leaks.



Adjust the meter.

On with the hood and turn the compressor on.

Stop at 20.

Reading a few minutes later and it's still there so it pass.

Then I check so it running fine.

Looks good.

No problems here either.

So now it will be good for another year with me.

It glow in the dark too.